Is the communication and culture on the farm conducive to everyone working together to get the job done? The following checklist is designed to give you a sense of where your business stands.

Partially/ Sometimes
Do the people on the farm enjoy working together?
Are key advisers (such as farm consultants, accountants, vets) regarded as part of the team?
Does the leadership on the farm promote the growth of the business and give it the flexibility to adapt to change?
Is there flexibility in the work roster to accommodate the needs of individuals?
Does everyone on the farm have time to pursue their non-farm interests and responsibilities?
Do you have a special workplace (lots of energy, challenges and exchange of ideas) that people appreciate being part of?
Does each person feel that they are a valued part of the farm team?
Does the team have a common purpose that is well understood by each member?
Does the team have a set of goals with measurable outcomes to work towards?
Can team members state their views honestly and give and get help freely?
Do people listen for the intent of what is said rather than just reacting to the words?
Are concerns and problems discussed openly by the team?
Do new employees quickly feel comfortable within the farm team and understand how work is done on the farm by going through an induction process?
Can the farm team agree to a course of action when dealing with challenging issues?
Does the farm team meet regularly to discuss progress and issues?
Is sufficient time spent regularly reviewing the direction of the business (as opposed to making the day-to-day decisions)?
If you answered “no” or “partially/sometimes” in any area, it is possible that the way the farm team works together is limiting farm productivity, missing opportunities for improvement, and reducing the potential performance and job satisfaction of individuals. This module provides you with some tools and concepts to help turn this around. If you answered “yes” to many areas above, it is likely that your approach to working together is having a positive effect on the retention of people on the farm, is attracting people to work on your farm and is contributing to the farm’s production and profit. This module provides you with extra impetus to keep working on this area.