Setting team goals

People need to be able to buy into a shared vision before they can translate it into action. Detailed plans will help make the vision a reality. Without them, all effort and energy tends to be absorbed by the day-to-day activities.

The starting place for building an effective team is setting the strategic plan for the business and adequately resourcing it. It is then possible to align the business and team goals.

An effective team needs realistic team goals that:

  • align with business goals;
  • are well documented and measurable; and
  • are used to evaluate performance and give feedback.
Use this template to help set your farm goals.
This example list of objectives and goals for a dairy farm may give you some hints for developing your own list.

Seek help from someone who has planning skills

Consider having input from someone who’s skilled in planning if this may be a limiting step. Encourage all on-farm and some off-farm team members to contribute to the plan and set the goals for the team.