Expressive working style

People with an expressive working style are outgoing, enthusiastic, persuasive, humorous, gregarious, lively and use rapid hand and arm gestures.

  • Lively nature
  • Motivate general excitement in others
  • Work at a fast pace
  • Good at building alliances and accomplishing goals
  • Highly motivated

They are well suited to high profile positions that require them to make public presentations, sales and marketing.

  • When upset they will attack
  • Very intense
  • Can overwhelm other team members
  • Will press forward without details and make mistakes but can be quite entrepreneurial
  • May exhibit obsessive behaviour.
Getting in step with expressive working style

To effectively communicate with expressives use a general approach rather than details; focus on the big picture; allow time for socialisation; talk about experiences, people, opinions; paraphrase any agreements made; and maintain a balance between fun and objectives.

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