Analytical working style

People with an analytical working style are serious, well organised, logical, factual and reserved.

Analyticals usually show little facial expression, have controlled body movement and slow gestures, speak in a monotone or with little inflection in their voice, use precise language focusing on details, and are into graphs, charts and statistics.

  • Fact finding and problem solving
  • Patience
  • Focussing on details
  • Logical
  • Working independently.

They are well suited to working with finance, science and computers.

  • Placing facts and accuracy ahead of feelings
  • Sometimes seen by others as emotionally distant
  • Under stress they over analyse and avoid decisions
  • Avoid expressing feelings even when it would be the best thing to do.
Getting in step with an analytical working style

To effectively communicate with analyticals emphasise the rational, objective aspects; focus on facts, data, details and logic; be more formal in speech and manner; present pros and cons as well as options; do not overstate benefits; be on time; keep it brief; and show how your approach has little risk

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