Amiable working style

People with an amiable working style are cooperative, friendly, supportive, patient and relaxed. They are heart before head people and don’t care so much about ‘business stuff’.
Amiables usually have a friendly facial expression, make frequent eye contact, use non-aggressive gestures, speak slowly and in soft tones, have their family pictures displayed and love animals

  • Great listeners
  • Others go to them for support
  • Good collaborators who thrive in a team environment.

They are well suited to the helping professions – child care workers, nurses, teachers, vets, therapists, zoo keepers

  • Have trouble asserting themselves
  • Do not make decisions quickly
  • Do not confront disagreement with co-workers
  • Reluctant to deal with conflict often leaving them resentful when they don’t get what they want.
Getting in step with an amiable working style

To effectively communicate with people with an amiable working style make eye contact but look away from time to time, don’t use harsh tones or language, ask for opinions and ideas, don’t counter them with facts or logic, encourage them to express any doubts or concerns, avoid pressuring them to make decisions and mutually agree on goals and action plans.

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