Recent webinars

26 May 2020: Essential Employment webinar (2 hours 31 mins) – listen to Jennifer
Jennifer Corkhill provide a comprehensive overview of  employment conditions and
considerations, recent updates and answer farmer questions.

Previous webinars

You might be interested in a series of webinars from 2015 covering a range of employment related topics. Note: some of the information (pay rates) featured has been updated but the approach to managing people is still relevant.

Webinar: Determining the correct job classifications & writing job descriptions (39 mins)

Webinar: Employment contracts, IFAs and flat pay rates explained (52 mins)

Webinar: Attracting staff – practical tips to recruit the right people (52 mins)

Webinar: Interviewing & selecting staff – understanding the complete hiring process (43 mins)

Webinar: Inducting staff – opportunity to create an employment foundation (28 mins)

Webinar: Retaining staff: creating an environment that encourages retention (43 mins)

Webinar: Reviewing performance: developing & managing your staff to realise their full potential (52 mins)

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