Real stories

The stories on this page are about dairy farmers on farms around Australia. Find out how other farmers manage their people issues and get some ideas you can use on your own farm.

The art of letting go

A self-confessed micro-manager, Chris Brander was surprised at how easy it was to hand over more responsibility to his staff; and delighted with the benefits which were almost instant.  Read more

Everyone can be a winner

Noel and Ann Campbell have employed staff for the past 22 years. They have learnt that everyone can win when employees stay for the long-term, making it well worth the effort involved in achieving a successful working relationship. Read more

Backpackers, a win:win arrangement

For the past five years, Julie and Raoul Pridham have included backpackers in the mix of staff they employ for their 1000-cow autumn-calving dairy herd at Yanakie in South Gippsland, Victoria.

Employing backpackers has not only filled a need for the farm business, it has also enriched the family’s life, getting to know people from different cultures and backgrounds. Read more

Leasing works both ways

Leasing a property enabled Ian and Alice Holloway to run a bigger dairy operation than they otherwise could have afforded. For land holders Stephen and Sarah Crooke, leasing allowed them to retain the family farm and home, whilst freeing up time and energy to concentrate on their gourmet ice cream business. Read more


Easing into retirement

Neville Hallyburton plans to work on his dairy farm as long as he remains fit and healthy, but it hasn’t stopped the family developing a succession plan for the business which includes regular father and son fishing trips. Read more

Get the bike, get the helmet

Providing a safe work environment is an extremely important component of the dairy business run by Chris and Charmaine Bagot of Jindivick in West Gippsland. The couple own a 350-cow farm with 1 full-time and 1 part-time employee and they take their safety obligations very seriously. Read more

Simple ways to make things happen

Gippsland dairy farmers Michael and Michelle Axford have some simple ideas to make sure herd fertility tasks get done during the busy joining period. And what makes it even easier is that they can set most of it up long before things get hectic. Read more

Shortcut through the maze

Lyndell Cope has discovered that The People in Dairy website is her shortcut through the maze of information related to employment issues. Read more