The Power of People on Australian Dairy Farms (2014 / 2017)

There is little doubt that people are fundamental to all dairy farms. Good people can be the conduit to a successful and well run dairy business, while less capable employees, contractors, farm owners and/or family members can severely inhibit the farm business from reaching its potential.

The industry has identified the need for support, training and development in the people space and so began an industry wide program during 2006. This program has matured, expanded and developed over the past 11 years and remains an important pillar in building success for the industry more generally

A first measure of on farm perceptions, attitudes and behaviours was undertaken in 2014 with a representative sample of n = 401 dairy farmers and farm owners. This measure provided an important baseline measure on some of these key performance areas.

The information also provided a strong evidence base on which strategy for improving the
reach and effectiveness of the ‘capable people’ investments.

The approach was repeated in 2017 surveying 417 farmers to track measures, trends and broadening to capture additional areas of focus
(e.g. Farm Safety).

Downzoad: PoP 2017 report

Download: PoP 2014 report

*where possible, comparisons to data from both data sets have been made.