2013 Dairy People Factfinder

People are the key to success in the dairy industry. How much do we know about the demographics, roles, conditions, attitudes and options of the people who work on farms and in dairy manufacturing?

The 2013 Dairy People Factfinder is a set of information that helps us build this picture.

The data used in the report has come from many sources, primarily ABS, ABARES and the dairy industry’s annual National Dairy Farmer Survey. Longitudinal and time-series data are particularly valuable because of the insights they give into change over time. The analysis is provided at national, state and regional levels.

The 2013 Dairy People Factfinder enables organisations contributing to the Australian dairy industry to become more effective in policy-making and program design by providing the factual foundation required to fully consider the people dimension in planning and development.

Download the Factfinder summary sheet or the complete 2013 Dairy People Factfinder (120 pages).