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Penny Williams

Area of service

Bachelor of Applied Science (Agriculture),
Graduate Diploma Applied Science (Agriculture),
Diploma of Human Resource Management (Dairy)


Penny started in an extension role as a dairy advisor for the Tasmanian DPI and then worked as a dairy consultant with a private Tasmanian consultancy company.

In 2001 Penny ventured out to run her own service for fee dairy consultancy company. Initially the business focussed on physical aspects of dairy farming (e.g. grazing rotation, feed budgets and planning) but in the last 5 years has become more focussed on people and human resource management.

Penny’s business provides services in:

  • human resource management;
  • recruiting;
  • facilitating communication between farm owners, share farmers and managers;
  • industrial relations;
  • pasture management;
  • feeding dairy cows profitably (nutrition);
  • financial management (cashflow budgeting);
  • share farming agreements;
  • farm viability analysis