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Mark Humphris

Area of service

Bachelor of Science (Hons)
Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine and Surgery (Hons)
Diploma of Human Resource Management (Dairy)
Certificate IV in Training and Assessment


Mark has a dairy and veterinary background and consults to dairy farm clients, industry bodies and pharmaceutical companies. Mark has trained many farmer short courses in mastitis, fertility, lameness, calf health, dairy cow nutrition and transition management and now is the Project Leader for Dairy Australia’s Countdown Program.

Mark has a strong focus for disease prevention and for education in driving change and sustainability on farms. Through growing up on dairy farms in South Australia and Victoria and then work in Australia, the UK, China, India and the US, Mark has gained much experience in first understanding dairy business needs and then building capacity throughout the dairy farm management and staff.

Mark has experience in dairy farm services:

  • Human Resource Management: recruitment, establishing position descriptions, performance management.

  • Dairy staff training

  • Comprehensive animal health planning : lameness, calf health, fertility and transition management

  • Mastitis and Milk Quality Management

  • Agriculture Industry Trainer : Deliver and assess training in mastitis, calf health, heifer development, lameness and fertility