The Power of People on Australian Dairy Farms (PoP 2014 / 2017)

Th aim of this research is to better understand farmer attitudes, experiences,
perceptions, behaviours and needs regarding; employing staff, developing skills and capabilities, farm safety while creating profiles of people on farm and the farm owner. More>>

Dairy People Factfinder 2013

People are the key to success in the dairy industry, but how much do we know about the demographics, roles, conditions, attitudes and options of the people who work on farms and in dairy manufacturing? The 2013 Dairy People Factfinder is a set of information that helps us build this picture. More >>

Retention of people in dairy farming – what is working and why?

Dairy industry data suggests that there is a retention problem in the Australian dairy farm sector. This is a direct cost to farm businesses and is limiting the effectiveness of career pathways and skill development. Farm ownership in Australia is shifting to fewer and larger farms with a reliance on a paid workforce. To maintain or grow the industry, we require an understanding of how well dairying retains and develops its workforce. More>>


A 4 day course for dairy farmers, developed by Dairy Australia. People GPS is for anyone who manages people working on dairy farms: farmers who employ staff; family run businesses; managers employed on dairy farms; and share farmers. More>>

DairySage Mentoring

The project aims to provide the Australian dairy industry with a sustainable framework to establish mentoring relationships; by partnering experienced, inspirational and dynamic mentors with dairying people from all sectors of the industry; including the farm, manufacture and service sectors. More>>

Cows Create Careers

The Cows Create Careers – Farm module is an innovative Dairy Australia and Regional Development program that is delivered across 23 dairying regions in Australia. It provides a platform to introduce students to the Australian dairy industry. The major objective of the program is to create awareness and promote careers in the industry, including dairy farm pathways. More>>


DairyPATH is a pilot approach developed by Dairy Australia, designed to allow young people to tailor their learning pathway and maximise their potential in their chosen sector of the dairy industry. More>>

Diploma of Human Resource Management

If you are (or would like to be) advising dairy farmers on human resource management decisions, or you are implementing these decisions on a large dairy farm, this could be the course for you. More>>

Workforce Planning and Action for the Australian Dairy Industry

Attracting, retaining and developing people is the key to the dairy industry’s future. This project has worked in the priority area of workforce planning and action to ensure the Australian dairy industry has the people it needs. More >>

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