Starting out

People who are starting out may have less responsibility and low equity in the business. Typically this could include family members or employees, or share farmers who do not have equity in the business.

People at this stage may not be aware of their career options in the dairy industry – they may need to spend some time investigating their options and working out which one is for them.

Put your goals in writing

Writing down your goals and regularly reviewing them can help clarify what you want to do – use our career planner to get started.

Some people who are starting out may have completed formal training that can be applied in their position. There are a number of formal post secondary training & education courses that can lead to dairy careers. For those who have already entered the industry with minimal training, developing new skills is important. 

Doing some form of training will help with progression along their career path and achievement of their goals. There’s a range of courses for people either in or wanting to enter the dairy industry – have a look at Stepping Stones for more information.

When starting out, it is a good time for setting up sensible money habits. Doing a simple budget to keep track of what is being spent and having a savings plan are valuable. Saving money will help establish a good financial reputation and building savings can be used to take advantage of future opportunities e.g. buying stock or other investments.  

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