Stepping Back: Getting a game plan

Dairy farming is in your blood but it’s inevitable that one day you will need to stop.

If you have a Game plan, then it can be on your terms.

Dairy Australia workshops are available via your
Regional Development Program (RDP). Read the outline below.

You can also download the Getting a game plan workbook


Workshop outline – Getting a game plan
Understand your options

Come along and explore the next steps of transition or family succession.

This workshop is for farm owners considering reducing their level of active farm involvement or those that are wanting to step up in the farm business.

> Helping participants identify strategies to achieve their succession and retirement vision

> Planning for the transfer of farm business management and ownership using suitable business structures

> Starting the process of developing a ‘Game plan’ to ensure a smoother succession transition

> Use of real farm case studies

> Ask questions and hear from other farmers about how they are approaching the future

> Know where to find more information and resources (online and hard copies)

Workshops are available via your Regional Development Program (RDP).