Planning for the Future

Planning for the future is about understanding the diversity amongst people on the farm. The business needs to have goals that are able to be fulfilled by its people such that they can also achieve their own personal goals. If the two do not match up, the outcomes for the business and its people are less likely to be achieved.

For most dairy farm businesses, transferring both the day-to-day business management role and asset ownership is at the heart of planning for the future. However, there are no recipes which will suit every dairy business, or the people in it.

It is important to have all stakeholders involved in the decision-making process. Planning for the future may include business owners; family members, who are involved in the day-to-day operations of the business; off-farm family members; employees or people who have a business connection, such as lessees; share farmers; or management employees.

Read about the 4 focus areas that are important for individuals to understand and strive to achieve.

People working in the dairy industry will pass through three phases: starting out, growing and changing. The importance of each of the four areas discussed above will be different in each phase.

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