People Analysis

People Analysis is a Microsoft Excel tool that can be downloaded and used to explore the efficiency and roles and responsibilities of the people on your farm, and to check the working conditions you offer. It will help you make decisions about work practices and recruitment for the farm.

People Analysis version

The current and final version is People Analysis v3.0 March 2010. This tool will not be updated.

How to download and use the People Analysis
Note: You will need to have Microsoft Excel 97 or above installed. Follow the instructions below to download and use the People Analysis. Click here to open the file and save it to a folder on your PC.

If you open the file you will see 6 tabs along the bottom of the screen labelled:

  • HOME
  • People productivity
  • Systems analysis
  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Working conditions.

First click on the README tab to find out how to complete the other worksheets. This is also the first place to look for help if you aren’t sure what to enter into a cell on a worksheet.

If you want to keep a clean copy of the original file, once you have entered data, remember to rename the file when you save it.

Also remember to regularly save your document while you are working on it and when you have finished.