My Planner

My Planner is a Microsoft Excel tool that can be downloaded and used to build a list of actions around the people issues on your farm.

Use the the sections on this website and People Analysis tool to decide on the issues you need to act on and the priority of the actions you want to take. As you consider each issue you can build it into your planner.

Your planner may also be a good tool for leading discussions with other people on the farm.

My Planner version

The current version is My Planner v2.0 2013 – keep in mind that some of the language or references may have changed. This tool will not be updated.

How to download and use My Planner

Note: You will need to have Microsoft Excel 97 or above installed on your PC. Follow the instructions below to download and use My Planner.

Click here to open the file and save it to a folder on your PC.

If you open the file you will see 2 tabs along the bottom of the screen labelled:

  • My Planner.

First click on the README tab for an explanation of each of the people issues listed in the first column of My Planner and for links to sections on the website and People Analysis tool that will help you decide on and prioritise areas for action.

Then click on the My Planner tab and start building your planner. The ‘Action priority’ column has a drop-down list. When you click on a cell in this column, a downward arrow appears to the right of the cell. Click on the arrow, then click on the most appropriate priority option – still to do, high, medium, low, none.

If you want to keep a clean copy of the original file, once you have entered data, remember to rename the file when you save it.

Also remember to regularly save your document while you are working on it and when you have finished.