So, how good is your farm business at supporting and rewarding the efforts of the individuals who work on the farm (including other family members and sharefarmers)?

The following checklist is designed to get you thinking about how you can be as effective as possible in your people management.

So, how good is your farm?
Partially/ Sometimes
Do you set aside time with each person on the farm to review performance at least once per year?
Are the agreed tasks acted on and the targets reached?
Do you have strategies in place to reward people for a job well done?
Do people on the farm believe their good performance is recognised?
Are people keen to stay a part of your business?
Are you satisfied with the length of time employees stay working on your farm?
Do you support people on the farm in fulfilling their career aspirations?
Do people on the farm participate in training relevant to their position?
Are you confident you can reach a satisfactory outcome when dealing with someone who is not performing to expectations?
Do you have regular and open discussions about how things are going?
Are problems aired in a constructive way?

If you answered “no” or “partially/sometimes” in any area, there is a risk that the way people who work on the farm are being managed may adversely affect their job satisfaction, and the employee retention and productivity of the farm business. This module suggests ways of helping the farm business improve the performance and effectiveness of individual team members (and hence the business).

If you answered “yes” in many areas above, the way you are managing the people on the farm could well have a positive effect on your business. This module provides information and tips to streamline your processes and ensure the ongoing satisfaction of all involved.