Introduction to Individual Performance

Open, constructive discussions about how things are going day-to-day is the basis of good individual performance management with everyone who works on the farm – including family members, share farmers, employees and contractors.

This is often in the context of teamwork – view the useful resources in the working together section

Structured performance appraisals are also a powerful mechanism for ensuring the tasks and responsibilities of everyone on the farm contribute to the goals of the business. They improve the likelihood of farms retaining the people they need by regularly checking that expectations of all parties match, and ensuring people have a good work-life balance and stimulating and rewarding jobs.

This module describes how to have an ongoing strategy for discussing and improving the performance of individuals, recognising and rewarding good performance, identifying opportunities for career and self-development, and when necessary, dealing effectively with under-performance.

Individual performance relies on people being involved

People are more productive, enthusiastic and committed when they are involved in planning and decision making, and not just controlled from the ‘top down’.