How well does your business manage its policies, procedures and systems? The following checklist is designed to give you a sense of where your business stands.

Partially/ Sometimes
Overall, would you say the farm is operating in a way that allows people to be as effective and efficient as possible?
Do you find that important jobs on the farm always get done on time?
Do you know how your farm business compares with others on important productivity benchmarks?
Do you have documented procedures that are simple to follow, for all farm operations?
Do you have a documented health and safety risk management system in place for the farm?
Are you confident in dealing with adverse incidents such as accidents, sexual harassment or bullying?

If you answered “no” or “partially/sometimes” in any area then the people on your farm may not be as efficient or safe as they could be or you may be at risk of legal problems in areas such as occupational health and safety. This module will help you improve efficiency and compliance on your farm by making sure the right policies, procedures and systems are in place and are integrated with each other.

If you answered “yes” to many areas above, it is possible that your existing management systems support efficiency and compliance. This module will provide ideas, tools and links to help you manage this aspect of your business even better.