Quads and Motorbikes

Quad and Motorbike safety

Quad bikes are the leading cause of on-farm fatality in Australia with an average of 15 deaths per year. They are also the leading cause of death of children on farms between the ages of 5 and 14.

The main causes of death and severe injury are tipping and rollover resulting in crush injury, asphyxia, neck and head injury.

Work Health and Safety risk associated with use of quads on Australian farms should therefore be assessed as HIGH.

As an employer or person conducting a business on the farm, you have a legal responsibility to ensure that everyone who uses quads and/or motorbikes is safe.

Use the resources below to ensure that you comply with this requirement.

By law, you are responsible for all people who operate quads or motorbikes on your farm.

Update Oct 2019: the federal government has announced a mandatory standard to improve safety which applies to all quad bikes with additional requirements for general use quad bikes from 11 October 2020. The safety standard has 3 elements: improved information for potential purchasers, enhanced quad bike stability, and rollover protection to reduce injuries and deaths. The safety standard is made under the Australian Consumer Law (ACL) – read more here

Work Health and Safety regulations require that you must assess and manage the risks to health and safety associated with quads and motorbikes.


The Farm Safety Manual aims to make it straightforward for dairy farmers to build and improve a comprehensive farm safety system. Quads and Motor bike (full module) is available to download and includes:

  • Self assessment for quad and motor bikes
  • Quad Bike Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) template to customise for your farm 
  • Farm policy template and induction and training record template for a quad bike
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