Farm Vehicles

Farm Vehicle safety

In addition to quads and motorbikes, farm vehicles such as side-by-side vehicles, cars, utes and trucks are major causes of death and serious injury to workers and family members including children on Australian farms.

Operators, passengers and bystanders of all ages
are at risk.

Most fatalities and serious injuries associated with farm vehicles involve collisions, rollover with ejection due to operators and passengers not wearing seat belts or
from riding in the tray, and run overs.

Young children under five are at most risk of run over
as pedestrians or of falling from vehicles.

By law, you are responsible for all people who operate vehicles or are passengers or bystanders on your farm.

Loss of concentration due to fatigue of operators increases the risk of vehicle incidents. As an employer or person conducting a business on the farm, you have a legal responsibility to ensure that everyone is safe in and around vehicles.

Use the resources below to ensure that you comply with this requirement, including a standard operating procedure (SOP) template for side by side vehicles.


The Farm Safety Manual aims to make it straightforward for dairy farmers to build and improve a comprehensive farm safety system.

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