Farm Chemicals

Farm Chemicals and safety

Chemicals are used on dairy farms for cleaning, treating animals, controlling pests, applying as fertilisers and adding to feed. Other chemicals on farms include fuels, oils and various gases.

Asbestos is also present on many farms. Exposure to workers and others can occur during transport, storage, use and disposal of these chemicals.

Many chemicals have the potential to cause harm to human health and safety. Acute health effects include headaches, nausea or vomiting and skin injuries. Chronic health effects include asthma, dermatitis, nerve damage or cancer. Chemicals that are flammable, corrosive, explosive, chemically reactive or oxidising may also harm workers with more immediate effects such as burns.

Each hazardous chemical has a Safety Data Sheet (SDS) with information and instructions on how it can be stored, handled and used safely in the workplace.

There is a significant amount of regulation around management of hazardous chemicals on dairy farms.

This topic focuses on the impact of chemicals on people. Use the resources to ensure that you are managing a safe workplace and fulfilling your legal obligations.

A good place to start is Step by step – setting up safety for the use of chemicals on your farm


The Farm Safety Manual aims to make it straightforward for dairy farmers to build and improve a comprehensive farm safety system. 

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