Contractors and safety

On our dairy farms, contractors are often engaged to carry out tasks such as cutting and making hay, making silage, picking up calves and other livestock, building and maintenance work, veterinary work, herd testing, Artificial insemination (AI), delivering fuel, grain and other feed sources, fertilizing, fencing, milk pickup.

Did you know that you need to manage the risks to their health and safety as you would for any other worker?

This includes a site-specific induction for contractors before the work begins and ensuring the work is completed safely, according to agreed procedures. Not only does this contribute to your safety management, but it also assists them to do their tasks effectively.

Print a number of copies of your Safety induction for contractors checklist so each contractor can also take a copy for their records and provide copies to their workers.

The Farm Safety Manual aims to make it straightforward for dairy farmers to build and improve a comprehensive farm safety system.