Farm safety starter kit

Developed by dairy farmers for dairy farmers, the Kit provides practical, easy to use resources to enable you to get your farm safety system started or improve the existing system.


Download the Farm Safety Starter kit or order your hard copy here. You can also download individual sections of the Kit, as you need them to use on your farm:

Getting Started: complete the safety checklist, follow with the induction process before moving to the 3 key parts of the Kit. You can also download the induction checklist (word version)

Safety System Snapshot: use the snapshot with your farm team to check your farm safety system against the current Work Health and Safety Legislation & create an Action plan.

Earlier Safety Improvements: use this tool to think back over the last 2-3 years and make a list of safety improvements you have made – some may not have been done just for safety reasons, but have improved the workplace from a safety perspective.

Quick Safety Scans (14 scans): a set of 30 minute scans on the key hazard areas, designed to assist you in identifying and fixing hazards identified. The safety scans are designed to be used when setting up your safety system and then for ongoing reviews.

Action Plan: when you identify areas for improvement, add these to the Action plan.

Note: the Farm Safety Starter Kit compliments the Employment Starter Kit initiative (ESKi) which contains more information regarding induction.