How well does your business manage the engagement of people and remuneration and benefits? The following checklist is designed to give you a sense of where your business stands.

Partially/ Sometimes
Do you have written contracts or agreements with all people who work for you?
Are you clear that the workers you engage as independent contractors are correctly classified as such?
Do you have contracts or agreements for family members which clearly spell out the rights and responsibilities of both parties?
Do the hours of work for employees fit within the applicable regulatory requirements?
Are the leave arrangements in your business within the guidelines of relevant awards or legislation?
Do you know the total value of your remuneration package for your employees, including the value of non-monetary benefits?
Do the superannuation and taxation arrangements in place for your employees meet legal requirements?
If you remunerate an employee based on a share of milk income, are you sure that their hourly rate will be above the minimum wage?
Overall, would you say you have attractive and competitive remuneration and benefits that adequately reward and value the contribution of your people to the business?
Are systematic procedures used to ensure that people finishing employment with you do so on a fair and positive basis? (e.g. appropriate notice or warnings, payments within the guidelines of relevant awards or legislation, exit interviews)
Are written records kept of hours, pay, leave, termination and superannuation contributions for employees?

If you answered “no” or “partially/sometimes” in any area, it is possible that this is adversely affecting your farm’s ability to attract and retain people or is posing a risk to the business due to potential breaches of superannuation, taxation or employment law. This module will help you to understand and fulfil your obligations in relation to engagement of employees and management of employee remuneration and termination.

If you answered “yes” to many areas above, your professional approach to managing engagement, remuneration and benefits is likely to be supporting good working relationships and your farm’s ability to retain people. This module will provide you with ideas, tools and templates to help streamline or improve the way you manage engagement, remuneration and termination of employees.