State industrial laws

As of 1 January 2010 Western Australia is the only state which still has industrial laws relating to the private sector.

These laws apply to certain conditions of employment such as minimum wages, leave entitlements and maximum hours of work. These laws also provide a minimum wage which must be paid to all workers.

Western Australian state laws about these matters continue to apply to all employers in Western Australia who do not run their business and employ workers through a company structure.

Western Australian state laws also provide for workplace agreements, unfair dismissal actions, record keeping responsibilities and union right of entry.

State laws about residential tenancies may also be relevant to your business.

State industrial laws that apply to my business

Look up the legislation in your state:

Long service leave

Long service leave is a state responsibility which still applies to all employers whether they are otherwise covered by state or federal industrial laws.

State laws about long service leave will continue to apply until the federal government introduces national laws about long service leave.

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