Jobs not covered by an award

If your employee is going to do a job that is not covered by an award, then you should still have a written common law employment contract that outlines the terms and conditions of the job. The federal industrial laws and, in WA, state laws provide minimum terms and conditions of employment which apply when there is no award. These laws usually cover such entitlements as minimum pay for particular hours of work, annual leave and sick leave and other types of leave.

For more information go to the National Employment Standards and State Industrial Laws

It is a good idea to use your state farming organisation or legal adviser to help you write an appropriate and effective contract that will provide a sound guide to dealing with your employees.

Meal breaks and rest breaks

Award-free employees should be provided with rest breaks as part of an appropriate occupational heath and safety system in the workplace. It is suggested that the award provisions should also be applied for non-award employees.