Operating your dairy farm business in safe way webinar (Workplace Manslaughter)


The Victorian OHS Act has changed and has ‘workplace manslaughter’ provisions. In a nutshell, directors and other office bearers within a company can now be found personally liable in the event of a fatality, with crippling fines in the many millions, and criminal penalty including jail time.

Good OHS systems and understanding what is ‘reasonably practicable’ is critical as a means of both preventing farm incidents, as well as mitigating penalties should a workplace fatality tragically occur.

Dairy Australia’s Farm Safety Technical Panel to discuss the workplace manslaughter laws (implemented across most of Australia and in Victoria from 1 July) and what this means for you personally, your dairy business or the business you support.

This webinar is relevant for all Australian states. The Technical Panel explain how to minimise business risk given these new laws, what is required to provide a safe workplace and take your questions. This information is presented as a general guide and farmers are advised to seek professional OHS assistance in relation to individual farm businesses.

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