About the people in dairy

This site is designed to assist farmers to attract, deploy, retain and develop the people they need to achieve the strategic visions of their businesses.

People are the core to success on dairy farms. If you take your employees and family with you in developing and running your farm, the business is most likely to provide wealth and work-life balance – and have the capacity to grow if you want it to.

Through exploring the keys to success in this process with farmers, consultants, HR specialists and researchers, 3 fundamental principles have emerged:

  • design farm systems to fit people, rather than trying to find people to fit the systems;
  • increase efficiency and productivity by ensuring the right people do the right jobs at the right times; and
  • place great value on having effective working relationships.

We are working with farmers to provide resources to assist with these challenges.

We have also have projects which aim to:

  • help advisers increase their capacity to support farmers on people issues;
  • build the whole industry’s ability to attract and retain people; and
  • develop future farmer leadership capacity to influence public policy and manage collective investments.
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